02 Personal Brand

A personal brand consisting of a monogram, word mark and a visual marque.

Personal Brand

I put a lot of hard work into creating my brand, to try and make sure it is affective and stays that way. Through the design of my brand I wanted to represent myself as a clear, professional creative.

monogram & word mark

Ideas and Process

As with all projects I began with pen and paper. I found this so invaluable when designing my monogram. Paper is efficient, I found that sketching and writing really allows a flow of ideas. The sketches I got more development from where those in which were based around Paul Renner's typeface 'Futura' which is based on geometric shapes, especially the circle. I used primary shapes (triangle and circle) to create my monogram.


Further Development

I took my sketched ideas into illustrator where I began cutting out elements of them hoping to create a more together and legible monogram. Focusing on symmetry; highlighted by the grid used.

development of monogram

Final Monogram

It was a difficult process but one i throughly deserved and the perserverance paid off. I believe it's simplicity, clarity and development into rounded, smooth edges created a more refined design.

monogram black monogram white

Word Mark

The Font used is Joanna Nova Thin. Joanna is a serif typeface designed by Eric Gill. I Chose Joanna Nova Thin as the font for my word mark as it was thin and sharp yet subtle beside my Monogram which is bold and abstract making it stand out more. I chose for my word mark to be lower case so as it would work together with my monogram.

monogram & word mark

Visual Marque

Well the idea for a gorilla as my visual marque…The truth is, it was highlighted to me that the shape of a gorilla was embedded within my monogram and I just thought it was cool really, that’s it. However upon thinking more into it and also researching the characteristics of gorillas I thought it would be a great way to help convey strong independent design that would be able to stand on its own. The gorilla can also be used as a ‘mascot’ for my brand, similar to that of Mailchimp which has a chimpanzee as its mascot.

In the design below I wanted to keep the ‘m’ of my monogram still as legible and recognisable as possible.

visual marque

Brand Guidelines