05 Infographic

A population infographic outlining the effects of diabetes globally. The symptoms, statistics and how to manage the disease.

'The Art of Managing Diabetes'

Diabetes is a pandemic, with the number of people being diagnosed globally increasing at an alarming rate. It can be deadly, however with the understanding of how to manage the different types and knowledge of diabetes it can be treated. As being recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I used this project to educate myself and gain further knowledge of the disease.


Ideas and Process

My research began by looking into what made an effective infographic. After gathering research on multiple areas I began sketching ideas thinking about how the information I gathered could be conveyed in a visually, aesthetically pleasing way.

sketches sketches

Icon Design

I used a blue colour palette as it is the universal colour for diabetes.

diabetes iconc

Within my infographic I wanted to use Dr Frederick Banting, who developed the idea of insulin into practical treatment on humans, as a mascot throughout, narrating.

doctor banting doctor banting

Final Infographic