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Never ask "whats the name of that drink?" again. 'Liquor Library' is a travel app that you can discover new alcoholic drinks.

'Liquor Library'

Liquor Library is a travel app that you can discover new and local alcoholic beverages in different cities and countries, writing reviews on drinks you have tried. The app's aesthetics are inspired by the pixel art of Susan Kare.

liquor library logo

Ideas and Process

After deciding on a concept for the app I sketched wireframes of potential content and layouts. From this I was able to establish what elements I would need for the design, such as icons.

sketches wireframes wireframes wireframes sketches

Icon Design

I began designing my own pixel icons by using a similar grid to that of which Susan Kare used when designing for Apple. I sketched the icons out on graph paper first then took them to illustrator in which i also used a grid in the design process.

alcohol icons cityscape icons


Once I had created all the elements and illustrations for 'Liquor Library' I created hi- fi wireframe mockups and interfaces in Sketch and created a prototype for the app in Invision. This experimentation allowed me to convey how the application would be used and concentrate on its usability.

cityscape icons

Final App Design

The ‘Liquor Library logo is a play upon the icon used for a map on many apps. The font used is Chicago. It is a sans-serif typeface designed by Susan Kare for Apple Computer. It was used in the Macintosh operating system user interface between 1984 and 1997. It is also used in early versions of the iPod user interface.

3 screens of app