04 Type Specimen Poster

A type specimen poster displaying and promoting Caslon typefaces.

Caslon Type Specimen Poster

One of our briefs within 'Introduction to Communication Design' was to create type specimen poster. I chose to display and promote the Caslon typefaces. Superior legibility, beautiful curves and lines with varied weight and tension are all trademarks of any Caslon typeface.


Ideas and Process

Something I wanted to incorporate in the poster was an appreciation of white space and to let the typeface speak for itself. Composition and legibility were greatly taken into consideration when designing the poster. I found that printing out the different posters and laying them out allowed a better review visually of where the design could be improved. This was also key in the refining process.


Final Type Specimen Poster

I am pleased with the composition and legibility of the poster. The block of text below the gun could have been a little smaller but this aside I am pleased with the end result.

final type specimen